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How I Started A Solo Practice: Vlog 3 - I don't know how to get clients to give me clients.

About a year ago I started my journey towards owning my own practice.

I also began documenting the journey, so the below vlog is from April 13, 2022, almost a year ago exactly.

If you're wondering if a solo practice is right for you, I hope you can learn from my experience.

You can catch up on any videos you missed here.

Todays video is:

April 13, 2022 I don't know how to get clients to give me clients.

What I'm Pondering

So True

Better to be lucky than good.

Bunk - The Wire.

The Worst Kind of Luck

10) Few things are more dangerous than early luck.

The luckier we get, the more confident we get. This is because luck is impossible to gauge, so we often mistake luck for skill. Misplaced luck creates disastrous outcomes.

How To Be Successful

My moderate success as a writer has little to do with my God-given ability to eloquently put words on the internet, and a whole lot to do with my stubborn routine of hitting "publish" at 7:30 AM every Monday and Thursday for 11 months.

Jack Raines - The Benefits of Boring


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