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Running a counseling private practice feels FREAKIN SCARY!!!
(It  doesn't have to be)

Maybe you're burnt out from working community mental health.

Maybe you're tired of group practices taking 40% but giving little in exchange. 

Maybe you've already launched your practice, but you're struggling to get clients. 

Either way, you know you've got to make a solo private practice work, but you don't know how.


That's why we've created a map.

Our Numerapy model is a numbers based approach to analyzing your practice.

Don't worry. It's not heavy math.


It just a simple framework which allows you to look at your practice, and, with certainty, know how to take your practice to the next level.  

Who are we?

We're clinicians just like you. We were tired with counseling practice as normal and had to make a change. We made a ton of mistakes starting our  counseling practices. Now we help others avoid those mistakes.

Numerapy Model: Your Map to a Booming Practice

We've discovered the four equations which govern your practice.

Here's how our model works


The Find Me Number:

In order to a healthy practice clients must first be able to find you. This equation gives us clarity on what activities will take your marketing to the next level.


The Call Me Number:

After clients are aware that you exist you need to convince them to contact you. This equation gives us clarity on how to craft your message so clients will call you.


The Book Me Number:

Then, when clients reach out they need the security that you can help them. This equation gives us clarity on how to make a first impression that convinces a client to book.


The Keep Me Number:

After all this, the therapy begins. The final piece is working with clients in such a way that they come back until their problem is resolved. This equation gives us clarity on how your practice will grow over time. 

"But do I really need a practice coach? My friend did it on her own..."

We're here to help

The question isn't can you do it on your own. The question is how much security do you want on your journey? 

We've built a map which takes clinicians from 0 to full private pay in six months.

Your practice is your journey. What we offer is the security of working with guides who've already lead other people on the same journey.

Apply to work with us!

Fill out the contact form below and we'll send you our application via email.

Once we have your application, we'll reach out to schedule an interview. 

Let's connect.

Thanks for reaching out. You'll be getting our application via email shortly.

We know it still feels risky. So here are some free resources.

Luke J.

I've been working with Jordan and Paul for a year now. Before I started working with them, I had zero clients, coming from the agency world. Now I consistently see 20-25 clients a week. I've found Jordan and Paul to be dependable, knowledgeable, and communicative throughout my working with them.

Traci B.

I've been working with Jordan and Paul for 3 months. Before I started working with them I had no clients as I was just dreaming of starting my private practice, I now have 10 and love working for myself. I've found Jordan and Paul to be very knowledgeable and compliment one another as they consult with me to build my practice.

Tim T.

For three months I was getting, like zero, hits from potential clients. Then I met with Jordan and Paul for one consultation session. The very next week I got contacted 5 times today for scheduling. They really helped me change my Psychology Today profile and get set up on google. Their secret sauce is effective, and they are effective communicators.
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