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How I started a solo counseling practice: Future nation vlog 1

About a year ago I started my journey towards solo practice.

At the time I had no idea what I was doing, but I was learning so much and I didn't want any of it to be forgotten. So I started recording videos on my phone, documenting what I was learning, and pretending I was talking to billions of therapists who I'd deemed "future nation."

Honestly, I wasn't sure what I would do with the videos. I just knew I wanted a record of my journey.

Some of the videos are cringe.

Most of them are rambly.

A few of them are gems.

I debated publishing them for a long time, but ultimately I think it's important that you see my process.

A lot of people think solo practice is impossible. That it takes mountains of work. That it isn't practical for the average clinician.

Maybe that's true. I don't know. All I know is I failed at solo practice twice, and then I learned a few key things and everything changed for me.

I do know that many clinicians ask the wrong questions so they get the wrong answers and then get frustrated when they don't succeed.

So here's the first one. It's from April 12nd 2022. Almost a year ago exactly. You'll see a raw, frustrated version of me. Watch me struggle to find better questions, and you evaluate for yourself if solo practice is possible for you.

I'll continue to publish a weekly blog about becoming a better therapist and building a better practice, but subscribers will also get a second email where I'll send out a vlog from past me documenting my struggle to build my practice.

I hope these serve you.

Jordan (The counselor).

PS. If you only have 2 minutes, watch from 0:37-2:33 because it captures the first big problem I had to solve in order to run my practice.


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