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How I Started A Solo Practice: Vlog 2 - Trying To Find Clinicians With a Waitlist

About a year ago I started my journey towards owning my own practice.

I also began documenting the journey, so the below vlog is from April 12, 2022, almost a year ago exactly.

If you're wondering if a solo practice is right for you, I hope you can learn from my experience.

You can catch up on any videos you missed here.

Todays video is:

April 12, 2022 Trying To Find Clinicians With a Waitlist

What I'm Pondering

We Can't Be Safe

Since you cannot be safe, be prepared.

Pavel - Strong First newsletter

Do The Boring Stuff

Do some boring stuff, adapt that boring stuff, and don't stop doing the boring stuff. If you can do the boring stuff longer than everyone else, you will probably achieve some not-so-boring results.

Jack Raines - The Benefits of Boring