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What I'm reading

What really makes us happy?

Sociometric status (respect and admiration from peers) is more important for well-being than socioeconomic status.

The renowned behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman has written:

“Income is an important determinant of people's satisfaction with their lives, but it is far less important than most people think. If everyone had the same income, the differences among people in life satisfaction would be reduced by less than 5%.”

What facilitates real learning

But never fall into the trap of believing that adorable, magical, and whimsical design, cutesy creative organization, or lamps and bean bag chairs have anything to do with good teaching. Mostly, they’re a giant red flag.

The Key to Success

Success, or lack thereof, is determined by the ability to do ordinary things for extraordinary lengths of time. My outlook is pretty simple: keep writing, and writing, and writing, and good stuff will happen.

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