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It's always a small number of jerks who ruin everything for the rest of us.

Across eight studies, Bor and Petersen found that being online did not make most people more aggressive or hostile; rather, it allowed a small number of aggressive people to attack a much larger set of victims. Even a small number of jerks were able to dominate discussion forums, Bor and Petersen found, because non-jerks are easily turned off from online discussions of politics.

Good thing people don't go to supervision to make them better.

The study by Rousmaniere, using hierarchical linear modeling (HLM), however, came to a different conclusion. Using five years of data from 23 supervisors, 175 supervisees and 6,521 clients, it concluded that supervisors accounted for a vanishingly small degree (0.04%) of the variance in client outcomes.

The best reason to NOT be on social medial

Many top practitioners, such as Ansari, Attell, and Chappelle, experimented with this trade-off and ultimately decided that focusing on being so good you can’t be ignored, not the frenetic managing of digital legions, was the surest route to sustainable success.


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