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"Deliberate Practice is Hard. How Do You Stay Motivated?"

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

A few weeks ago I got a new subscriber followed by an email.

He introduced himself and stated that he's been working with DP coach for a while, also blogs about his DP journey, and is working on building a DP community. We've been emailing back and forth, and I thought some of the discussion would interest you. Reading this you'll see how dedicated he is to improving, and if you check out his blog, you'll be struck, as I was, by how methodical he is with his practice routine.



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Hi Jordan,

There's something I've thought to ask you too, as DP has a pretty major accessibility problem in our field, a lot of therapists think of it as way too hard to try, especially in Australia as our DP community is very small and we have approximately 3.5 coaches in the whole country.

As you're someone that clearly has a high interest in DP, how did you make it easier/more accessible for yourself when you started and how do you protect your time for it now?


- J


Hey J,

It's pretty simple. Every day that I see clients I do 10 mins of deliberate practice.