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A few thoughts

The Purpose of Money

Money buys freedom. Not happiness.

Who's really in control here?

On Twitter I've watched many political influencers gradually become radicalized by their audiences, starting off moderate but following their increasingly extreme followers toward the fringes.

There's no way around doing the boring work.

An important ingredient for doing the work is boredom. That's how I got into programming. School was boring. We had three channels of television, and they were almost always boring. I had computer games, but I sucked at gaming and games quickly got frustrating. I read all the books that we had laying around. The only thing left was BASIC. So I started there and never stopped. The simple reason is that programming computers was the most interesting activity around.

If boredom is a necessary ingredient, then portable internet is a disaster for doing the work. How are you supposed to get excited about anything if you're never bored? I don't know if I ever would have learned to program if I had modern internet. Why would I, if something more interesting was always a click away?


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