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You can’t always make things better. But you can make them worse.

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

So you wanna be a better counselor:? Part 6

“He doesn’t like you. He says you don’t listen. That’s a his problem though. You know how he is.” Step dad said as I sat at his kitchen table*.

Not actually my client. Just a picture from Google. Photo by Tanim Chowdhury:

I wasn’t so sure it was a “him problem.” I’d been seeing this teen for a few months, and despite my best intentions this dude hated me. Which was strange because during sessions he’d talk to me just fine. We’d walk around his neighborhood or sit out on the back porch and he’d just prattle away. Where was the disconnect? What was I missing?

So, I redoubled my efforts. After I’d finished checking in with step dad I met the teen on the back patio. I sat down, leaned forward, laced my fingers and listened with all my might. Didn’t say a word.


If you’ve been a follower of this blog, or have read the outcome research in general, then you’ve been disabused of the magic model myth. There is no magic model that once you learn it will make you a SuperShrink.

And yet, I think you should learn a model. To explain why I need to tell you about Emily and Laurence Allison.