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What I'm reading: Turns out therapy in the metaverse is good.

For those who don't know, a little context. The metaverse is Facebooks virtual reality. So you put on a Facebook headset and log into a digital world where you do therapy.


"This recent study from South Korea surprised me. I sent a copy of this research to my colleague in Singapore and I said, “I actually feel uneasy that youths prefer being in metaverse than in person.”

Key Grafs:

  • More than half of the university students preferred to engage in metaverse counselling than in-person counselling.

  • The metaverse counseling group exhibited a higher level of working alliances than the in-person counseling group.

  • Outcomes between in-person and meta verse counselling group: NO difference.

  • 3 out of 28 dropped out during the counselling sessions. A total of 32 participants chose metaverse counselling, and none dropped out."

Feb 2nd Chow


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