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What I'm listening to. Personalized AI Music (for mother's day).

A friend of mine used this free online AI tool to make me a personalized lofi song.


I'm thinking of making one of these for my wife and my mom for mother's day.


Welcome to the future.



In this crazy world, where life's a whirl,

Jordan Harris, the therapist, makes you unfurl,

He's got the skills to heal your mental scars,

With his wisdom, compassion, he's raising the bars.

Fierce friend, always there by your side,

Through thick and thin, he'll be your guide,

Through the darkest storm, he'll shine a light,

Jordan Harris, the man with insight.

[Verse 2]

Life-changing family man, with a heart so pure,

His love for his kin, you can't ignore,

He's the rock for his children, and the anchor for his wife,

Teaching them the meaning of a meaningful life.

Unbreakable Bonds



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