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What bad therapy looks like.

The session, an accelerated train of tears and snot, zoomed by in 45 quick minutes. At which point my therapist, as equipped in mirroring my statements as getting paid, proffered “So, now that I own my own practice, it looks like your co-pay went up, is it okay to charge you the money now?” No, I thought, nothing is okay. Weren’t you listening? Can’t this be an email? Can I have one transaction today that doesn’t charge me?

The "Perfect World" of Twitter

Sometimes doctor just be making stuff up. ​

In a rare case, a 30-year-old Texas woman became pregnant while being already pregnant, and gave birth to twins within a span of six minutes.Cara Winhold, became pregnant in February last year. A month later, she was pregnant again.

The condition is known as superfetation in medical terms, — in this condition a new pregnancy occurs during an initial pregnancy within days or weeks after the first one.


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