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How I Started A Solo Practice: Vlog 5 - My Twitter Reach Outs Didn't Work

About a year ago I started my journey towards owning my own practice.

I also began documenting the journey, so the below vlog is from April 18, 2022, almost a year ago exactly.

If you're wondering if a solo practice is right for you, I hope you can learn from my experience.

You can catch up on any videos you missed here.

Todays video is:

April 18, 2022 My Twitter Reach Outs Didn't Work

What I'm Pondering

Building a brand is how you charge premium rates. Rolex is the ultimate brand.

Rolex is extremely secretive and its business remains mostly a mystery. It's not a public company, quite the opposite in fact: it's owned by a foundation which operates as a non-profit. Third, it’s one of the very few companies I can think of that climbed the luxury mountain — and this was almost by accident.

Sleepwell - All Hail King

Every generation is disappointed in the next.

Every generation is disappointed in their kids, partly because things typically get better over time, and you become resentful as you see younger generations bypassing problems you had to overcome.