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Dr. Bruce Wampold on How to Make Therapy Better

Bruce Wampold is the Rocky of the therapy world.

Coming from the world of math and science, you could say he was an unlikely candidate to become a major player in the touchy feely world of therapy.

But that didn't stop him from bringing a hard science approach to psychotherapy and becoming one of the most important voices in the field.

An now, like Rocky mentoring Creed, Wampold is he's paving the way for the next generation through Making Therapy Better.

Bruce Wampold mentoring the next generation like Rocky mentoring Creed.

Making Therapy Better (MTB) is a new project dedicated to getting research backed methods and innovative technologies into the hands of as many therapists as possible, using things like.... outcome monitoring and deliberate practice.

So it's obvious why I reached out to them.

Below is an interview MTB did with Bruce Wampold at my request.

You'll see a lot of common themes I talk about; the curious fact that no model out performs another, our fields neglect of the research, and how we can make therapy better.