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Are you ready for a changing world?

If the past few years have taught us anything it's that the world is changing. And fast. We’re asked to care for and work with an increasingly diverse group of people. By all accounts this trend towards diversity is only accelerating.

Many of our colleagues and students are allies. They feel the growing need to be educated and nuanced when working with diverse peoples. As they should. They know the weight of racialized pain and don't want to perpetuate the cycles of oppression. Yet, at times, their own shame can get in the way.

In some ways, we’re entering into the best times to be a minority in America. The current push for equity and inclusion will do a lot to move our country forward. However, the growing call for diversity is also a challenge to those of us in minority groups. We also need to be aware of different cultural nuances. For example, a Chinese American colleague recently told me she’d learned she was “third wave” Chinese American. This distinction, as opposed to first or second wave, helped her understand parts of her own story she’d never known before.

For all of us there’s a steep learning curve.

What we need is a set of principles to guide us into this new world. Fortunately we have the Multicultural Orientation (MCO) framework. Spear headed by Jesse Owen at the University of Denver, the MCO framework is a collection of three researched back principles that therapists can practice to deepen an orientation towards equity, inclusion and diversity and improve client outcomes.

For the first time I’m teaching these principles in a masterclass. This masterclass will use the most advanced methods for training therapists, Deliberate Practice, to make the MCO framework actionable and clear.

Here’s what others have said about my past trainings:

“Jordan is one of the most dedicated trainers I know. He is consistently honing his craft, and updating what he does and how he does it, to help you help yourself and others. I've personally trained with him and seen his behind-the-scenes self in addition to his professional self—both versions of his are life-changing forces for good. If you haven't rubbed shoulders with Jordan, the sooner, the better. Every minute and dollar I spend with him has been an incredible investment in my personal and professional success.”

Paul P.

"The Suicide Assessment Training with Dr Jordan Harris was well worth my time and money. He presented practical information as well as implications in clinical practice. The break out sessions into small groups to practice specific skills were invaluable for learning and honing useful skills. Dr. Harris guided participants as they practiced the skills and created a safe, encouraging learning environment.”

Val R.

The more we can master these principles the more we can talk about marginalization and oppression in ways that lead to healing. Learning these principles will guide us forward. If you’re interested in learning this framework you can register here.

Grace and Peace,



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