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A Deliberate Practice Hero - Webinar

And over the past year I've seen my caseload make dramatic changes. My clients almost never ghost me, stay for more sessions, and overall seem to get more out of therapy.

This is a huge change for me, because, quite honestly, I used to be a bad therapist.

People would never tell me this to my face. But the proof was in the pudding. My clients wouldn't come back.

I've done several things which have made me a better therapist, but I believe the greatest change is due to using deliberate practice to really fine tune how meet clients where they are.

Over the past year I've logged over 100 deliberate practice sessions.

At the end of every session I wrote up a brief reflection and sent it to Dr. Tony Rousmaniere, the father of deliberate practice in therapy. When I first got started, he'd mentored me, and I've kept him in the loop about my practice sessions ever since. He's the one who's taught almost everything I know about how to actually deliberately practice therapy micro skills so I can become a better therapists.

So when Tony asked me to present my thoughts on Deliberate Practice and how to use to help more clients, well, I couldn't pass it up.

Below is a webinar he did with me all about what I've learned about deliberate practice to become a better therapists.

I hope it serves you!


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