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Many therapists struggle to stay full.


We do everything we can think of to solve the problem. 

  • We go to training to improve our skills. 
  • We network with other therapists. 
  • We post on social media. 


But, still nothing changes.


What if you had a tool which allowed you to diagnose your caseload? Then you would know exactly which change was the right change to make. 


Enter the: Harris & Peterson: Time To Full Calc.



This calculator will help you precisely diagnose your caseload based on: 

  1. Number of clients you get per week. 
  2. Number of first session drop outs.
  3. How many sessions your average client stays for. 
  4. How big a caseload you'd like. 

BONUS: Cashflow estimator. This calculator will also estimate your yearly income. 


It's the perfect tool for anyone fine tuning their practice. 


*If you're on a Mac and don't have Excel, simply drag the download into Google Drive to access the spreadsheet.*

Harris & Peterson: Time To Full Calc.

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