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As a supervisor trained in Deliberate Practice, we know we're on the cutting edge of the field.


We know the benefit of highly structured mini roleplays in helping trainees feel more comptent in the room.


But sometimes it's hard to keep it straight. Infact, if we're honest, we often times skips steps, and when we skip steps trainees get lost and confused. 


Adapted 10/30/22 by Jordan Harris ( From “DP for Supervisors Cheat Sheet v. 2022/10/07 By Alexandre Vaz, PhD, and Tony Rousmaniere, PsyD”


And then, once again, supervision becomes unhelpful. 


Enter the Deliperate Practice Supervision Checklist. 


Adapted from the classic version, this checklist will help keep you on track, and supervision productive. 


Because our main goal as supervisors is to be helpful to our supervisees so they can have the confidence of competence. 

DP Supervision Checklist

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