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Many therapists were never taught how to repair allaince ruptures. 


We do everything we can think of to solve the problem. 

  • We give in and bend over backwards to accomdate the client.
  • We act like the rupture doesn't exist.
  • We try to explain away ruptures. 


But, none of this fixes the rupture.


What if you had a tool which allowed you to pracitce repairing ruptures? How much more confident would you be if you knew exactly what to say?


Enter the: Healing Alliance Rutpures pt.2 : A Deliberate Practice exercise.


This exercise will help you practice the exact skills needed to address alliance ruptures with confidence. Specifically you'll practice:

  1. Taking an appropirate level of responsibility for the rupture. 
  2. Reflecting the clients core concern. 
  3. Asking an open ended follow up question. 


It's the perfect tool for anyone wanting to learn the skills to become a better therapist.


Healing Alliance Ruptures

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