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What I'm reading: The Cost of Love is Grief

‘Tis a Fearful Thing

‘Tis a fearful thing

to love what death can touch.

A fearful thing

to love, to hope, to dream, to be –

to be,

And oh, to lose.

A thing for fools, this,

And a holy thing,

a holy thing to love.

For your life has lived in me,

your laugh once lifted me,

your word was gift to me.

To remember this brings painful joy.

‘Tis a human thing, love,

a holy thing, to love

what death has touched.”

― Yehuda HaLevi

Artistic rendering of Yehuda HaLevi

I was at a grief training yesterday run by Angela Kay, (she's one of the mentees in our private practice incubator) and she read this poem.

It rocked me.

The tragedy of life is life is only meaningful when we find someone to love. And it's that very same love that then makes us very vulnerable to grief.

Turns out love and grief are sisters. Kinda sucks.


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