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How to actually get clients from Psychology Today

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

1/5 I quit my job without knowing how to get clients

A few months back I decided to quit my job. After looking at all of my options, it became pretty clear the best way to grow and make more was to start my own practice.

Problem was I was terrified. Mostly about how to get clients.

In the past when I'd asked friends for referral advice they'd say things like "join a local small business association," or "pass out business cards," and "be consistent, it takes time."

Maybe I'm uniquely stupid. But none of that advice made any sense to me.

First, what is a small business association? Oh, and how do I find one? I assume they have meetings? If I go to the meetings what do I do? Do I just pass out business cards? Isn't that weird, I don't go up to strangers and pass out bibles? And if I want to be consistent do I just pass out business cards to the same people over and over again at each meeting? Do people still do business cards? I thought everyone had websites now. And what does a small business association do again?